Electronic Basketball
How many baskets can you sink in 6o seconds? Find out with our new electronic basketball game. This fast-paced game rental fits neatly in any venue and is equipped with sound FX, count-down clock and a digital point tracker.

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Arcade Boxing
Find out who has the hardest punch at your next event with our arcade boxing machines. Simply punch the bag as hard as you can and the machine will measure and display the strength of your punch on the large digital monitor.

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Hot Wheels Race Track
This new and hugely popular new stag party game is an absolute MUST at your next event. Race up to 6 cars at once. Simply pull the starting lever to release the cars down the 8 foot track. The digital finish line, complete with exciting sound FX will light up the number of the winning lane.

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Blackjack Table Rentals
Also referred to as twenty-one, Blackjack is a classic casino game made popular by the famous James Bond casino scene. 

Stag King Blackjack is dealt on a specially built table designed in the shape of a semi-circle, positioning players conveniently around our Stag King blackjack dealer.

Enjoy the comfort and luxury that only Stag King blackjack service can provide. Don’t settle for poorly built imitations. Only Stag King’s premium quality blackjack tables are made with a combination of our signature black casino grade gaming felt and our high quality vinyl.

Our superior casino equipment and emphasis on customer service and professionalism are just a few reasons why we’re the Kings of authentic casino blackjack service.

Each Stag King blackjack table arrives ‘ready to play’ with professional dealer service and is complimented with our signature Vegas style chips and authentic casino playing cards and dealer shoe.

Asked Questions

about our Blackjack table rentals

How many people fit on your
blackjack tables?

All of our blackjack table rentals fit 6 people

How large are your blackjack tables?

6 ft x 4 ft

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