Arcade Boxing
Find out who has the hardest punch at your next event with our arcade boxing machines. Simply punch the bag as hard as you can and the machine will measure and display the strength of your punch on the large digital monitor.

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Hot Wheels Race Track
This new and hugely popular new stag party game is an absolute MUST at your next event. Race up to 6 cars at once. Simply pull the starting lever to release the cars down the 8 foot track. The digital finish line, complete with exciting sound FX will light up the number of the winning lane.

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Made popular by the Price Is Right, Plinko is perfect for any party. Simply drop the pucks down the plinko board and watch the excitement build as the puck bounces its way to the bottom of the board and into one of the point slots.

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Book casino pokerblackjackroulette, or cash wheel service for your next important event and let our professional dealer service create an atmosphere filled with the thrill and excitement of an authentic Las Vegas casino. Each one of our premium rentals arrives ‘ready to play’ with our professional dealer service and is complimented with our signature Vegas style casino chips, playing cards, and accessories

At Stag King, we’ve hosted many successful Toronto corporate casino events and we’d like to help you plan your next important casino style party. The guide below is meant to outline various formats popular to many of our corporate clients. Feel free to contact Stag King today to discuss your specific needs and objectives:

The most common corporate team builders and charitable events are in the form of a poker tournament. In this exciting scenario, all poker players begin playing the tournament simultaneously. Depending on the size of your tournament there are typically several qualifying poker games happening at once. As the game continues and players are eliminated, the top 2 players from each poker tableadvance to the final and deciding game. It is at this final table an overall tournament winner is determined.

It’s important to note that before the tournament begins each player should be allotted a pre-determined place on a tournament table and a set amount of chips. These chips act as each player’s entrance to the tournament and are usually included with the admission to the event itself. In order to retrieve their poker chips your guests would typically exchange their event tickets for chips either at their respective poker table with our Stag King casino dealer or at a separate station set-up by the party organizers themselves. Since this is a tournament, it’s important to keep track of the amount of chips given to each player. Inconsistent chip counts will give some players an unfair advantage.

Unlike regular open gaming, tournament style play usually requires as many tables as there are active players. This ensures the tournament runs as smoothly, and as efficiently as possible. Remember that each one of Stag King’s full-sized casino poker tables seats approximately 8-10 players. So if you plan on having a 30-player tournament, you should ideally have at least 3 poker tables to accommodate the number of players.

In order to keep all of your guests entertained it’s important to keep the poker tournament moving at a steady pace. Inexperienced or indecisive players can cause the tournament to take longer than expected. At Stag King, our experience and expertise can make a huge difference at your corporate casino tournament.

Book Stag King for your next important corporate event and you’ll have the comfort and peace of mind that only Stag King delivers. Each one of our corporate casino packages comes with our premium casino pit boss service. Not a gambling expert? At your corporate casino event, you’ll have the luxury and advantage of your own personal casino tournament expert guiding you though every step of the way. Why settle for second rate party services? Stag King’s full service approach makes us an easy choice for your upcoming corporate casino party. Our experts can advise on when to raise the ‘blinds’. Raising the ‘blinds’ is a common tournament practice meant to speed the pace of the game without rushing the players involved. The simple idea being, as players are eliminated from a table, the minimum bets are raised in set increments.

> Another common method is to apply timed blind raises. In this case, regardless of the amount of players at any given table, the minimum bets are raised in set increments every half hour. Plan ahead. Contact Stag King today and let us help you organize a successful poker tournament your party guests will enjoy.

Although your main objective for your casino night may be to simply have fun, a few basic prizes will spark the thrill and excitement of real casino style gaming. Regardless of your budget, the importance of the prizes are not the prizes themselves but the symbolism of winning the tournament. No need to overspend. Consider some creative options for your top performing players and watch the excitement shoot through the roof. Depending on your budget and your objectives, you may also decide to award more of your guests than just the top performer. Awards can be given to the top 2 players at each qualifying table and even the most impressive hands of the night. In this case, you would create a board illustrating top poker hands such as a royal flush, a full house, 4 of a king, etc. As soon as a player in the tournament gets one of the hands listed on your board he or she would win a prize and have their name posted beside the winning hand achieved. 

Contact Stag King today for a free telephone or in-person consultation. Call 416.782.3225 or email

Another popular corporate casino format is referred to as ‘open’ gaming. Unlike a poker tournament, an open casino format is typically less structured and offers your guests the freedom and luxury of an authentic Vegas style casino. In this more relaxed party style, your guests have the option of playing a variety of our popular casino games. Whether it be the electrifying sound of our casino cash wheel, or the excitement and suspense of our popular roulette service, Stag King’s top quality casino games will create an atmosphere your guests will never forget. Speak with one of our casino party experts and ask to have our popular pokerblackjack,roulette, or cash wheel services at your next corporate casino event.


Although this relaxed style of party puts less emphasis on winning and losing, it’s still beneficial to keep track of your party’s chip leaders and top performers. Awarding your winning players with some type of prize adds an element of structure and competitiveness to the gaming aspect of your night. A good system is to allot each of your guests a set amount of chips which can be obtained at a station set-up by the party organizers themselves or at any one of the Stag King casino tables. Typically your guests will have an invitation or ticket for the event itself and it’s usually this item that should be submitted in order to receive your set amount of Stag King casino chips. As the night goes by and some of your unluckier guests run out of their original chip stack, it’s encouraged that you allow them to refill and continue playing. In order to keep track of your winning players, it’s essential to record the names of players who’ve refilled their original chip stacks. This way, whether winning or losing, all of your guests will remain actively involved in all of your casino games and activities.

Toward the end of your casino night, your players will decide to ‘cash-out' or submit their final chip count to a party organizer. The party organizer would then record the name of the player and amount of chips submitted. Usually the names and final numbers are recorded on a display board where all of your party guests can see. This keeps everybody involved and adds to the anticipation and excitement of your casino night. The players with the highest chip count recorded will be the winner of your top prize.

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