Arcade Boxing
Find out who has the hardest punch at your next event with our arcade boxing machines. Simply punch the bag as hard as you can and the machine will measure and display the strength of your punch on the large digital monitor.

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Hot Wheels Race Track
This new and hugely popular new stag party game is an absolute MUST at your next event. Race up to 6 cars at once. Simply pull the starting lever to release the cars down the 8 foot track. The digital finish line, complete with exciting sound FX will light up the number of the winning lane.

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Made popular by the Price Is Right, Plinko is perfect for any party. Simply drop the pucks down the plinko board and watch the excitement build as the puck bounces its way to the bottom of the board and into one of the point slots.

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Championship Sized
Roulette Tables

Keep your guests playing comfortably on our premium championship sized roulette tables. Don’t get fooled into paying premium rates for tables that are half the size and half the quality. Our roulette tables can fit up to 10 players or more without sacrificing comfort or quality. Why settle for anything less?

Top-Quality Chips & Cards
Stag King roulette rentals come with some of the best chips, cards and gaming accessories in the industry. Our signature clay composite casino chips are the same used in over 80% of casinos worldwide. Even our cards are 100% plastic imported directly from Las Vegas delivering only the best equipment and service to you and your players and guests.

Asked Questions

about our Roulettte table rentals

How many people fit on your roulette tables?

All of our roulette table rentals fit 8-10 people

How large are your roulette tables?

8 ft x 4 ft

Does the roulette table require chairs to play?

No. Chairs are not necessary with this table.

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