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Prepare for the ultimate stag party with Stag King - The GTA's number 1 party service. Impress your guests with Stag King’s quality game rentals and professional card tables complete with dealer service. Plus, gorgeous hostesses and promotional models.

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at the Wedding Show

Watch our Stag King mascot work the room at a recent wedding show.

Cristiano Ronaldo talks about Stag King
Watch this post-world cup interview where legendary Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo talks about his experience with using the King of the Toronto stag party - Stag King ;)

Asked Questions

about stag party hostesses

What do the hostesses wear?

The typical attire for a stag party hostess is what we consider 'club wear'. This commonly consists of short skirts or tight dresses with some possible cleavage. The general objective is to look sexy without looking trashy.

What are the hostesses main responsibilities at a stag party?

Although every event is different, the most common role of a hostess at a stag party is to facilitate all of the fundraising games and initiatives. Some of the most common stag party activities include:

Selling Joker Poker Boards

Typically done at the front door, stag party hostesses try and sell each of your arriving guests a chance to win the Joker Poker Board. Guests simply purchase spots on the board for a chance to win a cash prize. A random winner is drawn later on in the night.

Selling Raffle tickets

One of the most profitable activities at any stag party, our stag party hostesses will typically spend the majority of the night selling as many raffle tickets as possible. Each guests will get the chance to win a prize by buying a $20 arm’s length, a $40 hugs worth or a $60 double-hugs worth of raffle tickets.

Promoting Fundraising Games

If you plan on running other fundraising games at your event such as an arcade boxing machine, a toonie toss or even mini putt, there is no better way to get your guests involved than a Stag King hostess.

Serving Drinks / Bar tending

Having an event where our gorgeous stag party hostesses serve your guests drinks is a great treat for all of your important guests and associates.

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