Stag King’s popular party equipment and service are the perfect addition to any event.

Arcade Boxing Game

Find out who has the hardest punch at your next event with our premium arcade boxing machine. Simply punch the bag as hard as you can and the machine will measure and display the strength of your punch on the large digital monitor.

Gitoni / Table Soccer / Foosball Rental

One of our most popular stag party games, our premium table soccer rentals are a must at any great party. Your guests will love the fast paced thrill of 1 on 1 or 2 on 2 table soccer action. This European classic has gained enormous popularity in North America over the past decade and has earned its place as one of the most exciting billiard games in the industry. Don’t miss out. Add a table soccer rental to your next event today.


Made popular by the Price Is Right, Plinko is a simple, yet exhilarating game that has, over the years, gained immense popularity since its introduction to the world in 1983. At a stag party, Jack n’ Jill, or corporate event, typically, the object of the game is to earn as many points as possible in the five chances given to each player. The person at the end of the night who has earned the most points wins. Each player places and releases one chip at a time on the pegboard, where it eventually falls into one of seven spaces at the bottom. From left to right, the spaces are labeled 0, 500, 0, 1000, 0, 500, and 0. The player earns the amount of points marked on the space where the plinko chip eventually lands; the chip is removed and the process is repeated until the supply of chips (usually five) is exhausted.  In the event the plinko chip does not reach the bottom of the board, the player is given a chance to re-take his or her turn. Add the fun and excitement of Plinko to your next event. Contact Stag King for details about Plinko and other stag party games.

ATM Rental

Cash in on a great investment. Add the convenience of an ATM machine to your upcoming event. Whether you’re throwing a stag party, jack n’ Jill, or fundraiser of any kind, our premium ATM rental machines are the perfect solution.

Our safe and secure ATM machine rentals allow your party guests an easy and convenient way to withdraw money without having to leave the confines of your event. Our experience has shown that having this added convenience almost always leads to higher profits and overall participation among party guests.

Hammer Machine

Find out who has the hardest hit at your next event with our premium arcade hammer machine that will measure and display your strength on the monitor screen by simply hammering down on the machines button as hard as you can.


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